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Who are we

& what do we do?

What an achievement!

In this time we have raised

well over a million pounds!

We do this through our fantastic

fundraising events and activities.

But, without your amazing

generosity it would not

have been possible for us

to have raised so much.

Pat yourself on the back!

Our thanks go out to all those,

past and present, who have been

involved with SAPA.

It is only because of you that the

tradition continues and every year

the boys enjoy a school life

enhanced with better facilities

and more opportunities.

SAPA was formed in 1947.

One year after the College was opened!

Our sole aim is to raise much needed

funds to enable us to purchase essential items for the college that can't be funded

by the annual school budget. Times are

tough and our valuable work and

fundraising really makes a difference

to the school.

Where does the money go?

The money raised over the years has enabled the purchase of many items, from musical instruments to minibuses,

 flooring for the College gym to cricket nets. We even raised sufficient funds to build the original swimming pool.

One of our more recent purchases includes a KS3 mobile library with 650 books to enhance the boys learning.


Our latest purchase is a state-of-the-art laser cutter for the Design & Technology department which is a necessary purchase for the continued high-quality education that Saint Ambrose strives to provide for your boys and it will play a vital role in multiple subject areas as well as extracurricular activities and school projects.

Your 2024 Committee Members


Lynda Nempotakis

2024 Committee Member Volunteers

Sandra Browne

Reem Baythoon

Ruth Douglas

Bola Wayas

Lucia MacDonagh

Mary Ireland

Sheila Sheerin

Shirley Mulvaney

Shilpa Chauhan

There are also many volunteers, past and present, who we are extremely grateful to.

These volunteers attend meetings, help out at events or simply contribute in other ways.

All help, no matter how small, is extremely valuable to our committee.


A huge thank you!

Our thanks go out to all the committee members past and present who have supported SAPA throughout the years. Many of our helpers stay with us as their boys pass through

the school so you will always see familiar faces at our functions.


Sometimes we see helpers return as their grandchildren take their place in the school.

So far we believe the longest serving SAPA member was Samantha Hall who left the committee in 2016 after an amazing 18 years of service and previous committee members can still be found attending meetings and events even when they have no boys left in school.


Retiring committee members are made honorary members and are always welcome

to attend meetings and functions whenever they wish.

Get in touch!

Why not

join us and

get involved?

If you can offer any spare

time to SAPA please do

get in touch. It is very


We have


every month.

We meet in the college so

why not come along and join

in, we promise you a warm


Be part

of the SAPA


Make new friends and

genuinely contribute to

our amazing cause to

improve facilities.

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